From Priodontal Downs to Aesthetic Heights on Implants – A Theory


Dr Gerd Körner

Studied dentistry in Münster (GER) and is based as a specialist dentist for periodontology in a dental practice in Bielefeld (GER).

Opis szkolenia

The soft tissue appearance is most crucial for the aesthetic appearance of implant born solutions. Implants in clinical practice have to compete against the “gold standard“, the original tooth. In direct comparison implants are encountering a few drawbacks especially considering soft tissue integration. But an optimal soft tissue sealing of the transmucosal part of an implant is indispensable in terms of conserving sufficient bony support and delivering a strong back bone against unaesthetic tissue recession. Therefore it is advisable to take smart measures for bone and soft tissue management in order to ensure sustainable success. The sustainability of a restorative interface is more and more benchmarking the value of clinical concepts and represents the key for aesthetic results the patients are looking for. The amenities of such a concept are highlighted by presenting aesthetically solved cases some of them on a long term basis.