Partial Extraction Therapy


Dr Matko Oguić

Studied dentistry at the University of Rijeka (CRO). He works as Head of Oral Surgery at the Dental Policlinic Rident in Rijeka (CRO).

Opis szkolenia

Partial extraction therapy has revolutionized the world of implantology in the last decade. Why is that so? It is well known that tooth extraction results in huge amount of bone loss. In order to prevent the bone loss, different techniques have been proposed. Why is PET superior to the others?

This presentation will highlight the PET philosophy, the biology behind the concept and cover the most recent literature.

During the webinar different clinical approaches will be presented – single implant and multiple sites. Different PET procedures will be covered – socket shield, root submergence, pontic shield and Glocker technique. Also, the attendees will benefit from digital approach in socket shield preparation.